Knifty Knitting

It all started in June of 2007.  I was preparing to go to the beach at Kalaloch on the coast and stay in a cabin with friends for July 4th.  Figuring there’d be some downtime at the cabin, I went to the craft store to find a new craft project to start.  For months, I had been stalking this Provo CraftKnifty Knitter” knitting loom set, waiting for it to go on sale for 40% off or for it to be off sale so I could use my coupon.  Finally, it was the right price and I bought it!    

My First Knifty Knitter Loom Set

My First Knifty Knitter Loom Set


The instructions were easy to figure out, and it was helpful to find out my girl friend Mel had a Knifty Knitter at home and knew how to use it.  She showed me a few tips that really helped make knitting on a loom simple and fun.  I whipped out a scarf and a hat that weekend and I was hooked!  No pun intended.   

Knitting Hook

The knitting hook I call my "hooky tool"


Since then, I have purchased several other Knifty Knitter looms in various sizes.  I’ve created dozens of hats, scarves, a lap blanket, and a stuffed spider.  Every time I travel, I take a knitting loom with me on the plane.  It’s fun to have a project to work on that doesn’t take a lot of concentration or brain power.  I couldn’t fit all my photos into this collage, but this should give you an idea of the kind of things I knit:   

My Yarn Creation Collage

My Yarn Creation Collage


If I’ve knitted a creation for you, how’s it holding up?  If you’d like me to knit something for you (wrong season, I know!), please let me know and I may just surprise you!   


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