Cupcake Surprise

I hope you all had a great weekend!  I had a very busy-but-good weekend.  We had a family lunch together yesterday afternoon and it was my duty to bring the salmon, rolls, some meat for myself, and the dessert.  I had wanted to try the fancy Croquembouche recipe from a Better Homes & Gardens Creative Homes magazine my aunt sent me in 2004… but when I read, “This can be prepared up to six hours in advance!” and saw the ten steps to the complex recipe, I said NO THANKS.  I only had Saturday afternoon to make the dessert, so I searched my favorite recipe website (All Recipes) and found a fun cupcake recipe with sour cream frosting.  

I went to four grocery stores and after putting on my favorite apron, I turned this…  

Easter Candy



Into this!  

Easter Basket Cupcake with Peep

Easter Basket Cupcake


It was a lot of fun to make these cupcakes and decorate all 20 of them.  I’m sure a box mix would have worked out just fine, but I really wanted to taste this recipe, so I followed the instructions and made them from scratch.  I’m a cooker – not a baker.  I’m known for my appetizers and savory main or side dishes, so my family was amazed I actually baked something.  Hmm, I think they’re forgetting I make really good cheesecakes but that’s OK – all it takes is following the recipe.  

Easter Basket Cupcakes with Peeps!

Easter Basket Cupcakes with Peeps!


I didn’t tell my family this, but each cupcake has a surprise inside: a milk chocolate Dove egg!  

Cupcake Surprise!

Cupcake Surprise!


I prefer eating candy instead of baked desserts, so I actually haven’t tried a decorated cupcake yet.  The family each had one; I gave some away to a friend; and I’ll probably try one tonight, but I think I’ll take all the rest of them to my office.


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  1. Jayma
    Apr 05, 2010 @ 21:28:05

    How cute are these?!?!


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