A D-I-Y Planter We Made for my Client

I love my job because I love what I do.  It’s a people business and I have met some really wonderful people through the years I’ve been selling homes.  One of the fun parts of my job is when the stress is over and the happy home-owner has moved into their home.  I enjoy surprising them with a special closing gift and a house-shaped card.  Nobody gets the same “thank you” gift from me because no two people are alike.  I put a lot of thought into everything I do, and selecting a gift is no exception.

So, when I wanted to welcome a special client to their new home, I enlisted my husband to build a planter with me!  I had shopped for pots at several stores and I didn’t see anything I liked in the size I wanted.  My clients purchase a grand house with three levels, tall ceilings and a marvelous entry-way.  The owners before them had a large planter beside the door with a potted tree inside.  I liked that and so I purchased the supplies needed to build them a proper planter.  My husband is very handy – in fact, he’s good at just about everything he tries – so when I asked him to build this for me, I knew it would turn out beautifully.

Sure enough, he did a fantastic job!  I stained it and painted the inside black with a tar sealant that would make the pot water-tight.  Jake drilled the holes in the bottom, I loaded it into my car and took it to a local nursery in Issaquah.  Working with the experts there, we selected a handsome group of plants for the planter.  The person who helped me was impressed with the planter and asked again – “your husband MADE this?”  Yes, he did!  She planted everything for me with two kinds of soil and added beauty bark to the top.  I think it came out very nicely!

My husband met me at the nursery and we delivered the plant and planter to my clients.  They really enjoyed it and wrote me the most incredible thank you/referral letter ever.  The evening went very well as we met a friend for dinner – until my phone range three times and I realized it was the nursery… I had left my car there and they were closing in five minutes and would lock the gate at 6 pm!  I called them back and apologized for not noticing when they closed.  We left the restaurant immediately and picked up my car at 6:12 pm.  Whew!

Here is a picture of the planter we built, just before I loaded it into my car:

Planter Box in the Garage

Planter Box in the Garage

This is the planter with it’s lovely plants on the tailgate, ready to go to my client’s home:

Planter Box with Plants

Planter Box with Plants

I’m sorry if you were expecting me to reveal I made this out of cardstock – this post had nothing to do with cards but I thought I would share this here because it’s something I helped make.  Thanks for reading my blog, anyway!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah
    Jul 17, 2010 @ 06:28:25

    Totally cool! Looks very elegant for their new home 🙂


  2. Dad
    Jul 17, 2010 @ 14:50:43

    The planter looks great! Jake is such a talented craftsman, and you absolutely bowl your clients over with your wonderful service. Nice “card” that they’ll keep around for a while, and will probably tell the story of the planter and their terrific real estate agent, too!


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