My Recap of the Scrapbook Expo

I had never heard of the Scrapbook Expo until a friend gave me free tickets when I worked on card-making at her house in mid-May.  She used to be part of the group who created and promoted the Scrapbook Expo and she traveled all over the country.  She still has local connections, including her son-in-law, who works for the organization.  I was very thankful for the tickets and when I asked for more free passes for friends, she delivered!  I saw at least six friends there, which made it more fun.

Friday 7/16 and Saturday 7/17 were the dates that the Scrapbook Expo was in Puyallup, WA at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.  I attended both days and was a “teacher’s pet” for two classes, and was a student for another class.  I’ll spare you the unfinished cards I made and will show them to you later.  I won’t bore you with pictures of the stuff I bought – well, maybe.  I’ll just talk about my favorite find and I also have a video for you.

My prized find at the expo was an incredible kit from The Stencil Collection.  For years I’d thought about buying special paste and stencils to make raised textured pictures on cards but I didn’t know where to begin.  The kind folks from the family owned business The Stencil Collection demonstrated the ease of use and offered a huge value with several extra goodies.  For $99, I knew now was the time to pick up this limited edition kit:

The $99 Stencil Collection Set

The $99 Stencil Collection Set

Look at everything that came in this kit!!!   I’m going to have to do a blog post especially about this company and the kit after watching the DVD’s and making a few cards.  They let me pick a small, medium and large stencil.

Everything in the Stencil Collection

Everything in the Stencil Collection

My New Stencils!

My New Stencils!

Below is a picture of the sample Dan made for me with the stencils his wife and daughters designed; a fun make & take from Christine David’s CTMH booth (it’s supposed to have a sentiment but I skipped it and will add another phrase); and a make & take from Stampin’ Up!

Sample and Make 'n Takes

Sample and Make 'n Takes

If you were there, what did you think of the Scrapbook Expo?  I heard it had been absent from our state for ten years and finally made a comeback, so attendance may have been less than expected.  I think they’ll do better if they keep returning and become something we all look forward to.

Thanks for reading my blog post!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Amanda
    Jul 20, 2010 @ 21:52:42

    Cool stuff! I go crazy for all paper crafts… but whether I actually do them or not is to be debated. LOL. Love the Expos! Love the Sewing Expo (and I don’t really sew) and the Scrapbooking one! Too cool! Thanks for sharing Steph! Love, your cuz


  2. Lori Haeseler
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 00:52:43

    I had a great time at the Scrapbook Expo also. I spent way more than I should have, but I got a desk, meant for scrapbooking, to use for my new surger sewing machine. My husband made me a table with a cut-out for my old surger, made a spot for 5 drawers, but never constructed the drawers. He said to buy the desk because it’s much easier than making the old table fit the new surger and easier than making drawers. I was happy to see that this desk had 10 drawers. I found a vendor who had Jolee embelishments for $1.00 and bought A LOT. I made some of the same make and takes as Stephanie and a scrapbook page with glittered paper and jeweled butterflies. I didn’t take any classes, but I learned a lot from all the vendors…can’t wait until next year! Thanks for the video Stephanie.


  3. Rebecca
    Jul 21, 2010 @ 17:50:20

    Fun video and I love the creative closing shot!!


  4. Jayma
    Jul 29, 2010 @ 15:05:45

    That stencil kit looks so fun. When I was in elem. school my parents once bought some stencils, pastels, and supplies at the county fair. My stencils look very similar to yours. I don’t know what all those extra supplies are for though…I can’t wait to see your post on it!


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