Depeche Mode – Cards of the Universe

Yesterday I mentioned that now that the holidays are over, I’m going to share my Depeche Mode-related cards and other surprise items over the next few days’ posts.  After that, I’ll go back to featuring birthday, baby shower,
anniversary and other cards I’ve been making. Depeche Mode’s current album is titled Songs of the Universe, or as we fans like to say: SOTU (we turn all their songs, albums and concert tours into acronyms) and this card stemmed from the SOTU album cover. This was the only card I made like this – I wanted to make a unique SOTU card out of the larger paper pieces, using just a portion of the design. Click any image for a larger picture.

My First Depeche Mode SOTU Card

My First Depeche Mode SOTU Card

Then I spent way too much time cutting tiny little pieces of paper into tinier pieces for these cards.  I made ten in all and mailed one off before I got a picture of it with the whole group.  These cards were made for some of
my Depeche Mode fan friends:

My Depeche Mode SOTU Card
My Depeche Mode SOTU

Here’s the gang of most of the cards I made – oh, and I cut out the round circle-ish shape with my Cricut Expression machine. I think it was a letter “O” in an alphabet cartridge.

My Depeche Mode SOTU Cards
My Depeche Mode SOTU

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about Depeche Mode & Music.  Thanks for reading my blog, and may the Mode be with you!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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