Organizing My Ink Pads

When I started accumulating lots of ink pads for stamping, I thought it would be a good idea to have a visual display of every color.  I’ve had this ugly-but-useful display in front of me at my craft desk for years and it has been so helpful as I hold colored paper up to the stamped ink pad to determine which colored inks would work best in my card.

My Old Ink Pad Chart

My Old Ink Pad Chart

Now I live in a new place, have a new craft room and wanted to get more organized, so I grabbed a really pretty Hawaiian flower (Hibiscus? Plumeria?) stamp from local Kent, WA company Denami Design and made it work really hard!  This took me HOURS over a few days.  Maybe if I were more organized, this would have gone faster?  It took a lot of time to clean off the stamp after each impression.

Step one: stamping and stamping!

Step one: stamping and stamping!

I have two jumbo multi-colored raised felt ink pads that I finally made samples of.  I also FINALLY colored each of my stamp markers onto the stamp so I could see which colors I had.  If you’re not an avid stamper, you may not know that brush markers are useful in coloring acrylic and rubber stamps – yes, you color ONTO the stamp and stamp it onto your paper.  This is how you can get a stamped image with several different colors.


If I can see the colors of the markers and ink pads I have, I am more likely to use them.  I don’t keep all my stamps out on my work space because they are all different shapes and sizes and they don’t stack well.

Step two: more stamping!

Step two: more stamping and labeling!

Once this was done, I trimmed out each stamped image, grabbed my repositional adhesive and organized them by color.  I got them onto three clean pages – ahhhh, this is a breath of fresh air!  I didn’t realize how stressful looking at that old chart was.  This is much cleaner:

Ink Chart Project: Complete!

Ink Chart Project: Complete!

Click any image to see a larger version.

So, if you haven’t taken the time to do this for your ink pad and brush marker collection, I suggest you pick a rainy Saturday afternoon and make a chart like this!  Thanks for reading my blog.  🙂


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  1. judihays
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 11:36:35

    Great job on organizing your inks. Seeing the colors makes all the difference. One thing I did is used small rolodex cards for each color/brand and so it sits on my desk and I can spin the colors to find what works.


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