My Paper-Crafts Blog Has Moved!

This will be my last post from this website because I have moved my blog to a new and improved location:

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and sharing your comments since March 2010.  You’ve made blogging fun because you interact and use my blog.  I’m very excited about the new capabilities offered on my new site, so if you’re an email subscriber, RSS blog reader, or if you’ve bookmarked my site – please visit Cards by Stephanie for new content as well as all of my old blog posts.  I invite you to subscribe to blog at the new location and… I’ll see you there!


Calling All Graphic Designers!

Yesterday I bought a new domain for my card-making blog: with the plan to export my existing blog to its new home.  I like the ease of stamping my logo / fake company name on the back of my handmade cards and I also like to use the same design as a watermark when I share pictures of my cards.  The swirl symbol is my signature, so I will continue using that.  Here is a rough design – ultimately I’d like to smooth out the rough edges before making a watermark and ordering a new rubber stamp:

Cards By Stephanie - swirl logo

Cards By Stephanie - swirl logo

I forgot a lot of my graphic design skills, so I’m asking my graphic designer friends if any of them are interested in smoothing out my logo and/or offering suggestions.

I also think it would be fun to run a contest!  I’d like to see what you come up with for a business card I can hand out at craft expos and card classes (to share my blog and YouTube channel with tutorials).  If you could design a banner for my website, I’d love that, too.  I’m thinking of collecting ideas and making a decision as soon as possible, so if you think you’d like to participate, please post any questions here and help me figure out where you can post your finished pieces.

THE PRIZE: Twelve all-occasion handmade cards made by me and delivered or shipped to you!!  What do you think?  Can you help me out?