Cheryl’s #140confNW Card

Recently Cheryl Bledsoe fulfilled her dream to bring Jeff Pulver and his traveling #140conf to the Northwest!! She presented the idea; acquired the funds to make it happen; coordinated about 65 different speakers; gathered a team of volunteers; presented a session herself; attended and hosted a few tweet-ups; and all in all, did a fantastic job pulling off a WILDLY successful and fun event!  In fact, Mr. Pulver was so proud of what Cheryl put together that he invited her to be one of 30 VIPs for today and tomorrow’s HUGE #140conf in New York City!  She flew there and spent the day at the conference – I am sure she’ll have a lot of fun stories to share with us when she returns.

Never heard of a #140conf? It’s a Twitter thing – we only have 140 characters to type a message in a “tweet” (similar to a text message), and this conference is publicized through and put on by avid Twitter users.

Jeff Pulver at the Vancouver #140confNW

Jeff Pulver at the Vancouver #140confNW

Cheryl Bledsoe at the Vancouver #140confNW

Cheryl Bledsoe at the Vancouver #140confNW

This is the card I made for Cheryl with my Cricut Wild Card cartridge:

Cheryl's 140 Card


I am happy that she liked the card so much, she tweeted about it!

@CherylBle's tweet


Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂